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Should Your Dermal Filler Injector Be Trained to Dissolve Fillers?

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Following our previous discussion on the longevity of dermal fillers, it’s crucial to understand the situations where dermal filler injector might need to be dissolved. In this email, I’m going to explain how this is achieved, and who should do it.

Most Dermal Filler Injector in the UK are non-permanent, comprised of hyaluronic acid which naturally dissolves over time. This natural process is facilitated by an enzyme that we all have in our skin, called hyaluronidase.

Hyaluronidase, or Hyalase is only available as a prescription medicine and can be prescribed by licensed medical professionals to quickly dissolve hyaluronic acid dermal fillers where required.

Why might a filler need to be dissolved?

  1. Overfilled or Misplaced Filler: Especially frequent in lip enhancements, this occurs when too much filler is used or it’s injected at an incorrect depth, causing an unnatural appearance.
  2. Infections or Reactions: While rare, poor sterility can lead to infections at the injection site or unexpected reactions to the filler.
  3. Accidental Vascular Injections: A very rare yet crucial scenario, where a practitioner unknowingly injects filler into a blood vessel. This could be a vein or an artery and can be a medical emergency if not spotted and dealt with correctly.

Inadequately trained practitioners, especially those not leveraging advanced equipment like ultrasound for guidance, might face these complications more often. Hence, it’s crucial for practitioners to possess specific training in using hyaluronidase to ensure the best possible outcome.

Filler need to be dissolved
Doctor prescribing practitioner essential

Why is having a prescribing practitioner essential?

Only certified healthcare prescribers can provide prescription medicines like Hyaluronidase. If your practitioner can’t prescribe these medicines, it’s a red flag. In urgent situations, swift access to these medicines is paramount, making it risky to depend on a third-party prescriber.

However, this approach is risky. In the event of an urgent issue, the question arises: who is responsible for addressing it? And how quickly can you obtain necessary prescription medicines, especially if the person treating you isn’t authorized to prescribe them?

If you’re unsure, always ask the practitioner if they are licensed to prescribe medicines themselves.

Conclusion: I hope that you have found this information video useful, as many people are unaware of the issues relating to dissolving dermal fillers. It’s crucial to know whether their practitioner is fully trained and capable of handling this situation if and when required.

If you’re considering taking the next step, or eager to delve deeper, please download our comprehensive injectable guide. The guide is free to download, and no email or phone number is required. It is written to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that people make when putting their trust in a provider of Botox or filler injections.

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