Aesthetic Clinic of the Year
South West and Wales
Based in Swindon

Aesthetic Clinic of the Year
South West and Wales 2023, based in Swindon

The Importance of the Initial Consultation

Table of Contents

In my opinion, the consultation is the most important part of the patient journey for many reasons and I always give my patients the time to get to know me and ask as many questions as they like! Not only that, but I love a chat as well!

1. To Collect Medical Records

A thorough, in depth form is completed by the patient during the consultation process. This is to find out about any current or previous medical conditions and medication that may impact aesthetic treatment.

Collect patient Medical Records

2. Contraindications

The definition of a contraindication is ‘a sign that someone should not continue with a particular medicine or treatment because it might be harmful.’ Often, patients may not realise that a condition, medication or even supplement may have a negative effect on treatment, and this is why it is so important for the consultation to be extensive.

3. Build Trust

The consultation is an opportunity for the patient and medical practitioner to meet and discuss the patient’s concerns, goals and desired outcome. Often, consultations can take well over an hour to cover all topics and ensure both the patient and practitioner are happy to proceed with treatment. It is also imperative that the patient is made to feel like they can ask questions, feel safe and comfortable and that it is not about just taking the money for the procedure.

Build Trust to your Doctor
Full Face Analysis

4. Full Face Analysis

In my opinion, a full face, holistic approach should always be taken. If a patient attends the consultation with concerns of under eye hollowing, it is appropriate to assess the full face and consider the fact that loss of volume in the mid face might exacerbate the concern and need to be treated also. In the same way, some concerns may need to be treated with a combination of treatments.

5 Create An Appropriate Treatment Plan

The consultation is all about YOU. The entire time that we spend together will be focussed on your concerns and what you would like to achieve. The consultation is the start of your journey with Anna Medical Aesthetics and I will use this time to recommend all of the treatments that will help you achieve your goals. It is often the case that a combination of treatments is best suited to you, but it is not appropriate to carry out all of these treatments at once. It is also my responsibility to educate you on the maintenance that is expected to keep the results from initial treatment (unfortunately, nothing is permanent!).

Create An Appropriate Treatment Plan

Consultations are SO important. In some cases, my patients will return for more than one consultation to feel fully confident and educated before proceeding with treatment which I am more than happy to do!

If you are interested in booking in for your no obligation consultation, you can use the online booking system, call us on 01793 959010 or email the clinic via [email protected]

Anna Medical Candid founder and lead practitioner

” I invite you for a no-obligation consultation to discuss YOUR concerns and goals. We will also talk about various treatment options and how they can improve your condition, boost your confidence and sense of well-being.” 

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