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47 from Swindon

After two traumatic years, Yvonne felt and looked like she had aged significantly, due to the severe stress and strain she was under. 

‘“I looked like I was ageing  too quickly and I just needed to feel and get back to my normal self’

In this video, Yvonne describes how she felt after the treatment and the impact it had on her life. 

Check the full interview with Anna and Yvonne below.


The ravaging effects of a stressful life showed clearly on the face for this hard-working special-needs worker. However, a non-invasive, 30-minute collagen stimulating treatment has clearly reversed the signs of stress and leaves her looking refreshed, well-rested and much younger.

We’ve always known stress is bad for our health – it has been found to affect the immune system and contribute to heart disease, insomnia and poor gut health. However, sometimes high-stress levels can be reflected in our skin’s quality and our faces can often be an indication of a challenging, stressful life.

One of the most common signs associated with aging skin are wrinkle formation, skin thinning and sagging. Several different internal and external processes can contribute to these signs, especially loss of collagen that responsible for the skin structure and vitality. Many factors such are poor nutrition, decreasing hormone levels, stress and excess cortisol can affect your collagen levels

This was certainly the case for Yvonne, 47 from Swindon, a mum of two who works at a special needs school.  Yvonne felt and looked like she had aged significantly, due to the severe stress and strain she was under.

Yvonne described the challenges she had to cope with and the toll they took on her appearance:

Just over two years ago, in February 2018, tragically and suddenly my twin sister passed away. I was devastated, but worse was still to come. Ten days later, my youngest daughter became incredibly ill, and after months of hospital appointments she was given the diagnosis of CPRS. At one point we wondered if she would ever walk again as the condition had affected her so considerably. I spent most of my time traveling to appointments with her and negotiating with work for time off to support her. In the April of the same year, my Aunt became very ill, and died six months later. My father also became ill around the same time, passing away September 2019.

I felt emotionally and physically exhausted. I looked haggard and run down as the events of the past two years caught up with me. Every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror it brought back all had been through. I wanted to try and erase the extreme tiredness from my face and help myself look like the me I used to be.”

Yvonne sought the help of Anna Kremerov of Anna Medical Aesthetics in Swindon, to help reduce the effects the past two years had placed on her appearance. Anna recommended treatment with Ellanse, the first of a new class of bio-stimulating dermal filler which provides both instant and gradual results; increased volume occurs immediately post-injection. At the same time, the micro-spheres in the gel begin to stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen around 12 weeks after treatment, achieving results which will last for the next 2-3 years. The treatment has given Yvonne a nuanced, flexible and extremely natural-looking appearance.

As Anna explained

“Yvonne had had a few difficult years which had taken their toll on her face. She wasn’t happy about her tired, old-looking appearance, and it has affected her confidence and self-esteem greatly. After a detailed facial skin analysis, I recommended a structural facelift using Ellanse dermal filler to restore the shape that time has taken away combined with injectable anti-ageing treatment to soften active facial wrinkles. I chose Ellanse because of its unique properties, as it works not only by volumising and correcting the wrinkles and folds in the skin but also by stimulating body’s own collagen production for a long-lasting, natural result. Yvonne was treated her mid and lower face, to lift it and to improve her skin quality.”

Yvonne continues the story:

“I noticed a real difference in my appearance immediately after treatment. I must have hugged Anna for a full five minutes after looking at my reflection for the first time. I couldn’t believe what an amazing result she had achieved; it had taken years off my appearance.”

So many people noticed I look fresher, more youthful and more confident, but they never suspect I’ve had an aesthetic treatment. When my older daughter came back from university a few weeks after treatment she couldn’t stop telling me how amazingly well she thought I looked.”

It’s now three months since I was treated, and just as Anna promised, the results have continued to improve and I look even better! I feel so much more confident, I’m not afraid to go out without makeup, something I would never have dreamt of doing before treatment. I feel more assertive and sure of myself. I honestly know that having this treatment was the best choice I have ever made.”

Anna concurs:

Yvonne looks and feels amazing. I can see how much her confidence has grown since we first met. At review appointments, she told me that she is continuously complimented on how refreshed and great she is looking, but no one can put their finger on what she had done. As a clinician, I couldn’t get a better compliment.

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