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Sofwave Brow Lift treatment in Swindon. Anna Medical Aesthetics

Non-invasive Brow Lift

Non-invasive Brow Lift

Anna Medical Aesthetics in Swindon is one of the first practices in the UK offering the FDA-cleared Sofwave breakthrough technology, an innovative non-invasive brow lift skin tightening treatment with no downtime and natural long-lasting results

 Best suited for patients who are not considering surgery.

 Ultrasound technology – no needles or incisions

No interruption in your daily routine.

Award-winning medical practice

Over a hundred 5-star patient reviews on Google and Trustpilot.



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CA & AE Murray Murray
CA & AE Murray Murray
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Amazing Results - I have recently received the newest Sofwave treatment from Anna Medical Aesthetics this is the for skin tightening and reduction of soft lines and waking up your own collagen. The treatment session was about 45-60 mins duration and I considered to be a bearable but an uncomfortable treatment, which is soon forgotten. I found some of the results to be immediate, with no downtime with just a little redness on my chin area but no soreness, and two weeks later the results are amazing skin tightened especially in the neck area.

” I invite you for a FREE no-obligation consultation to discuss YOUR skin concerns and goals. We will also talk about various treatment options and how they can improve your condition, boost your confidence and sense of well-being.”

Anna Kremerov

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Brow lift without surgery=      Brow Lift without surgery
Clinically proven non-invasive treatment for brow lift      Clinically proven non-invasive treatment
facelift, Can be combined with neck and jaw line lifting.
No downtime from HydraFacial treatment
Natural and long-lasting results, no downtime.

Brow lift without surgery.

Clinically proven,non-invasive treatment.

More affordable than traditional surgery.

Natural and long-lasting results, no downtime.









Sofwave treatment q&a

Non-surgical, non-invasive treatment

Sofwave has many benefits for those who are looking to improve skin appearance, firmness and tone or their skin:
• Non-surgical, effective non-invasive treatment
• Zero downtime
• Treat skin laxity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Often needs only one treatment to produce results
• Lifts and tightens skin of the face/neck
• Safe on all skin tones and types, including skin or colour
• Effective “brow-lift” treatment
• Natural and long-lasting results

No needles or injections

Sofwave ultrasound beams penetrate 1.5mm, generating heat in the mid-dermis without damaging the outer skin layers. The delivered heat stimulates new collagen and elastin production, creating skin lifting and skin tightening effect, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, an integrated cooling mechanism protects the uppermost skin layer and makes the procedure more comfortable.

While the actual procedure lasts between 15 and 45 minutes, you should allow two hours for your appointment. Before the treatment, we apply a topical anaesthetic cream to make you more comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

At the time of the procedure, a lubricating ultrasound gel is applied to your skin to allow the probe to move smoothly over the treatment areas delivering energy pulses.

The Sofwave™ ultrasound technology generates heat in the mid dermis with an integrated cooling system to protect the top layer of the skin. The treatment can feel uncomfortable, but most people find the treatment very tolerable with a numbing cream.

Both men and women in their 30s and older who are looking for a non-invasive treatment to lift and tighten their eyebrows, jaw line and neck, improve skin laxity and minimise fine lines and wrinkles in  face and neck. The ideal patient should have some degree of fine lines and wrinkles. The device is safe to use on all skin tones and types.

You should see the result after the first treatment. Depending on your skin condition, you might benefit from a second treatment after a few months.

Following your Sofwave procedure, the treated area might appear slightly red up to 30 minutes, but you are very unlikely to have bruising or swelling. You can leave our clinic with no interruption in your daily routine.

In Sofwave’s clinical trials, results have been shown as soon as one treatment is completed, and you can start feeling an improvement and skin tightening. The collagen regeneration process takes 9 to 15 weeks, so patients are expected to see ongoing improvements 3 months after their treatment, peaking at the 3 to 4 month mark. The results will last for about 12 months, at which point it is recommended for patients to come back for a maintenance treatment.

You can find more Q&A by visiting https://sofwave.com/patients/faq/



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Anna and our clinic are the finalists in two categires at the prestigious Aesthetics Medicine Awards.

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