The Liquid Facelift

Prices from Procedure time Recovery time Duration of results
£950 40-60 minutes none 12-18 month
What is it?

When people think of facelifts, they think of a painful procedure with a long recovery period. They also think that expensive surgical options are the only option to bring back a smooth, refreshed and younger-looking face. A newer procedure that’s known as a “liquid facelift” is growing in popularity, mostly due to its differences from the conventional version.

Who can benefit?

The signs of ageing affect us all. Our skin loses its elasticity, begins to sag and our face loses volume, and wrinkles and lines develop. But it’s not just gravity that weighs its toll on us – even environmental factors like sun damage affect our appearance over time. Lines, wrinkles and loss of volume are caused by the natural ageing process, which can all be reversed by surgical procedures like the facelift. But there are alternatives to the facelift, recommended particularly for people who are just not ready for a surgical solution.

The main difference

The Liquid Facelift or the “8-Point-Lift” is an incredible non-surgical alternative to the surgical facelift. It’s a facelift without surgery. There are no cuts and no incisions. Combination of anti-ageing injection treatments is an ideal solution for patients who have noticed the early signs of ageing. This fantastic treatment can take off 10-15 years in about one hour with no downtime, giving a long-lasting and immediate result.

Surgical Facelift vs. Liquid Facelift
Surgical Facelift Liquid Facelift
– Surgery
– Infection potential
– Hematoma
– Nerve injuries
– No incisions,
– No Surgery
– Cost-efficient
– Temporary bruising at injection site
– 2 week recovery time – No recovery or downtime
– Years, non-reversible – Lasting 12-18 month
– ££££ – ££

Ageing is inevitable, but the signs of it don’t have to be. If you are ready to present a younger, rejuvenated, and refreshed appearance to the world, consider a facelift.

It is best to discuss your needs in a face-to-face complimentary consultation when Anna can assess your facial anatomy and make tailored recommendations that are likely to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.