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9 Jul 2020

WHY YOUR SKIN IS BREAKING OUT UNDER YOUR MASK AND HOW TO PREVENT IT?​ Wearing a mask to the shop, to your appointment or even when you’re just out and about has become the norm for a lot of us. Breakouts that form under your mask have become so common across social media, they even […]

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11 Jun 2020

Waking up as a teenager and seeing a nice juicy whitehead on your chin was always annoying and frustrating but was just put down to puberty or hormones. Waking up as an adult and seeing that almighty mountain that has formed on your chin just doesn’t seem as easily dismissed, and we often think to […]

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Lip Enhancement

4 Jun 2020

Lip Enhancement It’s a common misconception that all lips should be treated the same in a lip augmentation treatment. But the truth is, everyone’s lips are unique and therefore to suit a variety of different concerns, there are many different techniques and products that I use. Whether it’s beautification, restoration, hydration, balancing or asymmetry correction, […]

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Neck Rejuvenation

28 May 2020

They say that the neck can ‘give someone’s age away’. You can have the most beautiful, youthful skin on your face, but are you giving your neck the attention it needs? We don’t want a line-free, rejuvenated face with a severely aged neck now do we?! The skin on our neck is thin and is […]

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Woman hands on white towel

Hand Rejuvenation

22 May 2020

Our hands say a lot about us. Not only do we use them in conversation to express ourselves and communicate but they are constantly exposed and we rely on them for pretty much everything.  With the back of our hands constantly on display, this makes them susceptible to early signs of ageing such as fine […]

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Menopausal skin and signs of ageing treatments

Menopausal Skin

21 Apr 2020

Menopausal Skin Many of my lovely patients come to me with skin concerns that they have noticed more so during or after the menopause. There are many ways that the menopause can affect the skin: Lines and wrinkles As oestrogen levels drop, supportive fat in the face, neck, hands and arms can cause wrinkles to […]

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