Lip Enhancement

09 Feb 2018

Lip treatment is a popular procedure, which is an ideal way of transforming your lips and enhancing their natural beauty. The treatment will not only improve your lips, but also your confidence and self-esteem.

Trout Pout

Sometimes, this technique is used to the extreme, which can result in the commonly named ‘trout pout’ or ‘duck face’ look. This trend has put many people off having lip treatments, and even given lip fillers a bad reputation. The trout pout occurs when too much product is used in the lips, and not enough skill or artistry is employed to shape the lips in the correct places, therefore leaving the client with an unnatural look. Additionally, cheap filler can also lead to shapeless or lumpy lips. Thankfully, this ‘bigger is better’ trend is quickly fading – most clients now desire well-shaped lips, which are enhanced but still look very natural. For subtle, natural enhancement of the lips, two key things are required: a high-quality filler, and an experienced, skilled practitioner. The best lip treatment for your lips is one that looks natural and doesn’t look too obvious. Mostly importantly, it isn’t just your lips that will be enhanced; your confidence will be, too.

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