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Aesthetic Clinic of the Year
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Wearing a mask to the shop, to your appointment or even when you’re just out and about has become the norm for a lot of us. Breakouts that form under your mask have become so common across social media, they even have their own name now – ‘MASKNE’.

As glamorous as the term may sound, it’s extremely frustrating that you may never have suffered from breakouts before, but since wearing a mask you might be suffering from persistent spots.

It seems that wearing the masks can cause an increased moisture-rich environment, ideal for bacteria to thrive and then lead to the formation of breakouts.

Those that perhaps have to wear a mask for work are the hardest hit as they might have to wear one for up to 12 hours at a time.

Acne caused by friction from fabric against the skin is not a new concept – many sportspeople that wear helmets of chin guards can suffer, but it’s definitely become more talked about since the introduction of masks into our lives.

Treatment can be difficult, we don’t want to use anything topical on the skin that is too potent due to the constant friction and potential sensitisation of the skin.

So the best way to deal with it?

Prevent it.

Wash or change your mask regularly

I recently did a post about ‘treating your mask like you would your underwear’. You wouldn’t wear your knickers two days in a row, so why your mask? Also, you wouldn’t leave your dirty underwear out (I hope!) and then put it back on, so why do the same with your mask? Be sure to wash it if it’s a fabric mask or change it if it’s disposable.

Wash or change your mask regularly
Wash your skin regularly

Wash your skin regularly

We should definitely be cleansing our skin twice a day, but perhaps when you have finished wearing your mask for the day and are at home, cleanse your skin a little earlier than you usually would to make sure any bacteria build-up is thoroughly removed.

Be kind to your skin

Use appropriate products suited to your skin type and condition. If you’re not sure what products would be best for you, simply get in touch to arrange your skin consultation. When washing your face, treat it with care, don’t be too rough!

Maskne Be kind to your skin
Take your makeup before bed

Take your makeup before bed. Properly.

There is no point investing in your medical-grade skincare products if you’re not going to use them properly. Take your time when cleansing, maybe even treat yourself to a double cleanse and if there is such a thing as face wipes in your house, please chuck them in the bin! Whilst wearing a mask, it could be a good opportunity to ditch the makeup, just for a while!

Don’t squeeze or pick!

As difficult as it might be, try to avoid squeezing or picking your breakouts. This can lead to scarring which can be more difficult to treat than the breakout itself.

Let’s remember that (hopefully) we won’t have to wear these masks forever, so it’s just a temporary phase that we have to go through. Follow these tips and keep your skin as healthy as you can during this time!

f you would like to schedule your skin consultation, please contact the clinic on 01793 959010 or use our online booking system.

maskne Don’t squeeze or pick
Anna Medical Candid founder and lead practitioner

” I invite you for a no-obligation consultation to discuss YOUR concerns and goals. We will also talk about various treatment options and how they can improve your condition, boost your confidence and sense of well-being.” 

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