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Menopausal Skin

21 Apr 2020

Many of my lovely patients come to me with skin concerns that they have noticed more so during or after the menopause. There are many ways that the menopause can affect the skin: Lines and wrinkles As oestrogen levels drop, supportive fat in the face, neck, hands and arms can cause wrinkles to appear. Loss […]

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Collagen Stimulating Filler

15 Apr 2020

We hear so many brand names being thrown around within the Aesthetic industry and it can be really difficult as a customer to know what the benefit of each product is and whether it’s the right product for you. In this blog, we are going to talk about Ellansé. However, it’s important to mention that […]

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The Importance of SPF

12 Apr 2020

It’s a common misconception that SPF only needs to be applied to the face when going out into the sun or when you’re on holiday.  In fact, you should actually apply your SPF on your face every single day regardless of the weather to combat premature photo-ageing even when you’re not going outside and even […]

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